About Us

Rock the Street was born in Paris, France, from the artistic mind of Sully Sefil, french hip hop artist with multiple platinum labels and creator of the brand Royal Wear that was extremely successful in Europe in the 2000s.

The strength, the fight, the know-how, the style, the music is the motto of Sully Sefil.

The rage to conquer, to never give up, to work without counting, all his years of experience, allow Sully Sefil to return even stronger and launch his new concept.

Bring together all musical styles, Rock, Hip Hop, Electro, Bring together all fashion, Street, Casual .........

Sully introduces us in a few words: "I am developing a new concept: Rock The Street, a movement that mixes different cultures and different arts and sports: extreme sports, fashion, street art, music ... The" X " of the logo symbolizes the crossroads of styles and cultures, Rock The Street because I think I have ambianced the street throughout my artistic career, making parades in the street, painting in the street, dancing in the street. Dressing the street with my first brand Royal Wear, not to mention my hip hop and urban music.

From rapper to a new style that mixes rap, rock, electro music ...

"It's true that people may be surprised, and sometimes people who love hip hop do not appreciate other styles, but today we're in an era where doors are opening up a lot. there is another consumption, especially young People consume everything: rock, hip hop, electro and others.There is a real mixed race, I think it's the best time to go in that path"